"I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities." 

Bob Nardelli, (former CEO, Home Depot)

Drawing on Jeff’s extensive background on company ownership and personal human behavior if individuals and businesspeople were to implement certain strategies, they would resolve individual and organizational cultural paradoxes that otherwise lead to internal conflict and blocked initiative. ROME Training offers powerful and provocative development programs for executives and individuals that produce measurable results.

Our Training Philosophy
All programs are based on these three guiding principles:


Our passion is to help all individuals acknowledge themselves as a key element in the success of their organization.


The best, most effective sessions involve a great deal of give and take, not just taking notes. These dynamic, unscripted interactions lead to real breakthroughs, lasting insights and attitude transformations. Ultimately, this work catapults the individual to bigger results and better working relationships with considerably less effort.


In our experience, new levels of success are built upon the acceptance and practice of new behaviors. This is only made possible through persistence, support and commitment. That’s why our training includes post-session coaching to help individuals fully understand and integrate the changes that need to be made.