Thank you for the time today. Today is the first day of my new outlook on me, I must and will love and respect myself, I will not torture myself any longer.  I am the only person that will take care of me. I will no longer say "Trust Me". I believe in myself and what I represent honesty and integrity and the ability to learn new things. I will make a change for me and keep my vision on my mission to overcome my weaknesses. I will face my challenges with passion and commitment and dedication. I am strong and have powerful thoughts on life and don't fear failure, failure will not stop me from opening new doors and learning. Everyone has opinions but they are like "aholes" we all have one, like me or hate me I am still going to be me, the NEW me. It will be different and that's okay because I am currently not being me. I have allowed darkness to bring me to dark places and bring me to all time lows. While how dark it's been looking I still always see the greatness in reach, it's in my blood. I will be making some pretty big decisions on business and life. Even the past was dark and I am grateful for the learning experiences. Like you said I wouldn't be who I am today without it. Failure is not as dark as so many people believe it to be., like you said these companies are now looking for people who failed and kept going and kept trying, showing that you don't get knocked down and stay down, showing power and not weakness and having a creative mind. I think we are on the same page with my business and will reach out to a couple of opens. 

Three of my most empowering beliefs :
1. except change
2. open minded
3. Forgiveness

My new beliefs :
Change, self respect, renewed self esteem, respect others regardless of their opinion, self worth, take action and power is key.

Two of my most living beliefs :
1. To be alive
2. Never stop respecting yourself

Thanks Again Jeff, Rich S.

Jeff is beyond being an out of the box thinker...Jeff has NO Box. Jeff is a rare individual who has worked through many of life's experiences and has grown to be a force to be reckoned with. Jeff uses these experiences to push himself to be an AMAZING SOURCE of INSPIRATION and MOTIVATON that helps others achieve their goals and dreams whether in life or business.  Jeff works smart and perseveres to motivate and positively inspire fast. He does this by being tenacious and getting you or your organization to  DIG DEEPER so then you can TAKE ACTION and SUCCEED!

Steven John, Dude.FM

Thank you for hosting me and Ron this past week. It's clear you have a successful practice because of your rigorous approach delivering results. Not all coaches can make statements like you have. Congrats!

Jane Lauterback, Principal, The Purposeworks

Jeff listens very carefully to my business concerns and he uses his expertise to provide the tools, I need to grow my business. In addition, by enabling me to make successful decisions, my personal goals were made more achievable.

Alan Rogolsky, Able Group Technologies, Inc.

Good morning Jeff!  

It is I that would like to say a hearty “Thank You” for accepting my invitation, and spending the afternoon training our trainees the importance of Communication as a life skill.  As requested, please see the following:  How you thought I performed:

Your performance was personable, interactive, and genuine.  Being personable with our trainees upon entering the learning environment, served to engage them even before the formal start of your presentation.  The interactive format you employed throughout the presentation was helpful in making your message meaningful and practical.  Your genuine manner made you, the presenter relatable to our trainees.  A number of the trainees present commented to me that “he”, meaning you, “seemed like a really nice man”.  Additionally, the details regarding your life’s story, during the ice breaker, left an impact on still others, who though they have not seen much of the world at all, were inspired in their hope to do so upon completing their training at Job Corps.  

The value that was gained by the students: 

The initial request made for your presentation included deliverables of (1) being relevant to Business and Customer Service Roles, and (2) to identify communication strategies for improved ability to gather and provide information, resolve conflict with difficult customers.  After your presentation, trainees expressed the value they received in understanding the role that “confidence” and “transitioning” play in effectively communication.  They referenced how your discussion on Evaluations increased their awareness that people are evaluating them when they speak, and how that made them feel. Also referenced, was how differently information is understood based on if and how a person transitions from one topic or piece of information to the next.  With time and practice, I am hopeful that these thoughts will be intrinsically absorbed into how the trainees’ mannerisms, when they are called upon to communicate in the discourse of business.


Overall impression of my performance:

Altogether, my impression of the performance was that you were effectively engaging!  It is my personal belief that the key to artful Youth Development practice, is found in “earning the right to be heard”.  Until you can get young person to really listen to what you have to say, and they find it relative to their own needs, one cannot really teach/train them about anything.  I definitely feel that you were successful in establishing yourself in that “right”.  Lastly, Youth Development doesn’t always reveal its value immediately, but on rare occasions it will.  Such was the case during a a personal private conflict that arose between two of the youth present the day of your presentation.  One youth pulled from your presentation, stating to the other, “pause…let me just pause, so you can absorb what I’m saying…”.  To me, that was amazing…that youth got it…and made it her own.  This is what it’s all about!


Continue to inspire others to inspire themselves!


Best regards,


Sheila Frazer

Office Administration Training Instructor

Edison Job Corps Academy

Jeff is an out of the box thinker and doer.  When he shares his expertise it is tailored to your business and he helps you find creative ways to excel in your business goals. Despite Jeff not having past experience in the music business it was inspiring to watch him guide my staff into an effective leadership team.

Jill Pavel (CEO), Heart Songs Corporation


I have known Jeff Newman for the last 30 years. And rarely have I met someone who cares so much about his clients. Never have I called him without an immediate answer on his cell or a call back within the hour. His opinion has always been trusted as honest and direct. I would recommend his services to family friends and business associates.

Michael A. Dixon, Founder - Erika Lynn Foundation

I have known Jeff Newman for a very long time. I have yet to meet anyone as engaging, positive and inspiring You feel his presence when he enters a room because he exudes confidence and is incredibly comfortable in his own skin. He attacks situations with vigor and determination and is always able to find a solution. He is a breath of fresh air which everyone should have the experience of encountering. He just makes you feel better about life. 

Izzy Feigenbaum, City of Cote St. Luc (Montreal, Canada)

I have known Jeff for over 25 years. I did now grow up with Jeff or go to school with him but when I was introduced to him I found him engaging, charismatic and intelligent. His business and people skills are unsurpassed. Not only does he help with your attitudAe he can inspire you to set lofty goals and attain them

Jim Pandise, Sale-Cycle Advisors

"Jeff helps people get passed mental and emotional barriers to growth and success. He has an unconventional approach to coaching and training that brings people out of their comfort zone and focused on outcomes that matter. With infectious energy, he guides clients to new perspectives and satisfying relationships, both at home and in business. If you're looking for effective change and applicable results, I strongly recommend working with Jeff."

Lisa Panarello, CEO & Founder Careers Advance

There are a few people you encounter as you wind your way through life that are truly inspirational. My friend Jeff Newman is truly one of these unique individuals. . His positive attitude and systematic logical thinking provides a solid base for his positive outlook on life.  He has the uncanny ability to present views on almost any topic he believes in in a clear and compelling manner that quickly enables you to grasp the concept or vision he is espousing. Truly a pleasure to work with Jeff. 

Robert Trocchio - President, Computer Equipment Services, Inc.


If you have ever had a bad day, managed to miss the last train home, or been caught in a sudden storm while on a leaky boat out at sea, you need to call Jeff Newman. Truly one of the most inspirational upbeat people I have the good fortune to call my friend. His positive attitude and compelling passion will quickly help you dispel the clouds and find the sunshine and rainbow that was there all along for us to see. This translated into increasing business and relationship success.

Stuart Seligman, President/CEO American Bank & Credit Union Services