Bigger Results, Less Effort


Leaders naturally demonstrate a heart and mind balance within themselves. This balance benefits their associates and their organization as a whole because they’ve mastered the tension between two business domains: people and process/systems. These leaders clearly understand the essential harmony between managing relationships effectively and managing the bottom-line for results.

The program sets an individual on a course to successfully master this continuum of leadership. Sadly, many individual’s rely predominately on one facet of the leadership equation to the detriment of their peers or organizations. To understand how to achieve results in these divergent domains requires that a leader be facile and comfortable with fully utilizing opposing skill sets such as:

  • Thinking rationally as well as innovatively,

  • Being the leader as well as an inspirational coach,

  • Commanding as well as being a team player,

  • Focusing on day-to-day results as well as long-range strategy.

Individuals will expand their inner leader as they discover what is possible for themselves, their company, their career and their staff:

  • Learn the secrets to effectively producing results through others.

  • Recognize opportunities where once only problems existed.

  • Gain strategies for creating a resilient, innovative workforce.

  • Learn to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

  • Adopt attitudes and actions that become the driving force behind successful outcomes.

  • Identify and leverage the key indicators necessary for career success and corporate profitability.

  • Produce unprecedented results with less time and less effort.

Our programs include: pre-course homework, a full/half-day workshop and a series of follow up individual and group teleconference calls. This structure accelerates the transformation of each participant. The teleconference calls are designed to enhance learning by steadily introducing cutting-edge information that challenges new thought processes on vitally important leadership topics.

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